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Moscow Linguistic Center - School of Russian language in Moscow

Welcome to Moscow Linguistic Center - the oldest independent school of Russian language in Moscow.

To learn to use Russian language confidently in your work, studies and life you need a school of Russian which will focus on your individual goals, provide high-quality teaching, and atmosphere of support. Founded in 1991, Moscow Linguistic Center is the best choice for you.

Learning Russian with us, you will have experienced teachers of Russian, classroom materials tailored to your needs and excellent experience at the school from start to finish. 

Moscow Linguistic Center is accredited by Russian Ministry of Education which is your guarantee of high standard and excellent quality.

Find your Russian Course In Moscow Linguistic Center:

Moscow Linguistic Center - School of Russian language

  • Standard Group Courses of Russian language (max. group size is 4)

Standard General Russian course (GR-20) takes place every morning from Monday to Friday, leaving you free afternoon. Lessons are held from 10.00 to 13.00. Course of Russian in small groups can enable the participant to work together with other on communicative skills and areas such as meetings, telephoning, socializing and negotiating. It is the best opportunity to practice speaking to more than one person.

  • Individual Tuition (One-to-one courses of Russian)

A 20- or 30-lesson programme will quickly improve you general or specialized Russian. Individual lessons of Russian can rectify personal grammatical problems, concentrate on individual pronunciation or improve fluency. 

  • Combination Courses 

This option allows you to combine small group course of Russian in the morning and one-to-one tuition afternoon.

  • Executive and Professional Russian Language Courses

It is very intensive one-to-one courses of Russian which combine General Russian with Russian for Finance, Marketing, Law, Engineering etc.

  • Russian classes by SKYPE
GR20 Standard Group Course 20 every Monday
 CR25 Combination Course 25
25 (20 + 5 ind.)
every Monday
 CR30 Combination Course 30
30 (20 + 10 ind.)
every Monday
 IR15 One-to-one Course 15
15 every Monday
 IR20 One-to-one Course 20
20 every Monday
 IR25 One-to-one Course 25
25 every Monday
 IR30 One-to-one Course 30
30 every Monday
 IR40 One-to-one Course 40
40 every Monday
 ER20 Executive One-to-one 20
20 any day
 ER30 Executive One-to-one 30
30 any day
 ER40 Executive One-to-one 40
40 any day
 EC72 9Day Executive Compact course
any Saturday
 EC81 9Day Executive Compact course
any Saturday
 EC90 9Day Executive Compact course
any Saturday

Russian language Course benefits

The key to the value of our Russian language courses is what you can do after you leave us.

All our courses are very practical. We help you to use language more effectively.

After a course you will:

  • communicate much more effectively
  • speak more accurately and fluently
  • improve upir grammar
  • increase your vocabulary
  • be able to get a job which need Russian

Business Russian for Executives

Moscow Linguistic Center - School of Russian language

This course is suitable for those who may be required to use Russian at work. It includes a general study of the world of commerce; discussion of texts on commercial topics, business correspondence and report writing; role-play and practising communication skills in business situations, e.g. at interview, telephoning, and participating in business meetings; analysing business figures, presentations. Participants should be at least Pre- intermediate level.

Moscow Linguistic Center - School of Russian language


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