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Set 1. S. Khatchaturova "Russian Express 1". Communicative course of Russian for beginners.

Set includes:

  • Student book in Russian
  • Self-study reference book in French
  • 2 CD

S. Khatchaturova. "Russian Express 1". Communicative course for beginners.

Colour edition in Russian. Consists of а phonetic unit and 24 units on basic conversational topics, including everyday situations on the peculiarities of Russian life. Contains grammar and lexical exercises to brush basic grammar and memorize 2140 words. The way material is presented makes the study of Russian much easier. The textbook is in full conformity with the state standards (elementary and basic levels). It is designed for 200 hours (lessons).
Pp 209

ISBN 5-86344-145-3

S. Khatchaturova. "Russian Express 1". Guide Pratique. Livret d'accompagnement.

Unit after unit phonetic, grammar and lexical commentaries including examples from the texts and comparative analysis of similar phenomena in students' native languages as well as the description of the Russian language system given in drafts and tables. Supplied with the glossary of 2140 entries. Designed both for group work and self-study at the elementary level. Black-and-white. Separate edition in French.
Pp 80.

ISBN 5-86344-165-8

2 CD

Price (inc. delivery): € 35,00


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