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What do our students say?

During all of my previous studies in America, I never had a really good chance to speak Russian. My time here at MLC, however, has greatly improved my ability to both speak and understand the Russian language. I particularly enjoyed using "Express II" because it explained the ever so difficult verbs of movements in such a clear way. I enjoyed my time here at MLC, and would like to come back if possible!
(Patrick Smith, USA)

Cari amici,
Con voi sono stato molto bene. Ottime persone, molto disponibili e simpatiche. Il corso mi e stato molto utile per imparare la vera lingua russa. Grazie a tutti e a presto.
(Rocco Marzulli, Italy)

3 wundersch? ne Wochen hier verbracht, leider ist es immer so, dass man wieder zuruck nach Hause muss, wenn man gerade erst begonnen hat, sich wirklich einzuleben. Habe bei Valentina gewohnt und bin selten so gut und reichhaltig bekocht worden. Moskau war anders als erwartet - vielfaltiger, aufregender und einfach anders. Bis nachstes Mal - Auf wiedersehen.
(Lucia Scheide, Austria)

When I arrived in Moscow, I didn't speak Russian at all: it was a nightmare. However, thanks to my teacher, I learned Russian within approximately 3 months: I do not speak very well, but I speak! I recommend Moscow linguistic Center to everybody who wishes to learn Russian.
(Franck Dejardin, Belgium)

I've had a great time here at the MLC for 5 weeks. I've learned lots about the language and also about the culture, history and life in Russia. The atmosphere has been very welcoming and everyone is very patient with my Russian! I came as a complete beginner and now I can talk almost about everything. I've even made some friends here. Thank you for your help.
(Robert Wood, UK)

Un grand merci ! toute l'equipe du Centre Linguistique qui par le chaleureux accueil et la qualit? des cours m'a offert un beau sejour ? Moscou. J'ai eu l'honneur et le plaisir d'etre le premier etudiant luxembourgeois au Centre Linguistique.
(Philippe Oliver, Luxembourg)

Thank you very much for everything. I really enjoyed my time at the Moscow Linguistic Center, all of you were so nice. I will remember the time spent with you.all my life
(Marina Perier, France)

Liebe lehrer und lehrerinnen des Moscow Linguistic Center!
Ich bedanke mich fur die interessanten 3 Wochen, die ich in Moskau verbringen d?rfte. Es war sehr sch?n, hier zu lernen, dennach sehr anstrengend und f?r mich extrem schwer, die russische Sprache zu lernen. Aber ich danke ich habe viel dazugelernt.
(Kerstin Brinhicly, Gemany)

Благодаря Алле я перестала быть застенчивой и начала говорить. Она очень талантливая преподавательница. Наши уроки всегда были интересными и веселыми. Мне очень понравился Московский Лингвистический Центр. Я обязательно буду продолжать изучать русский язык, и, если будет возможно, я вернусь сюда опять. Большое спасибо!
(Jennifer Louise Sample, USA)

I am glad that I had this possibility to study at Moscow Linguistic Center. Our lessons were very interesting and grammar explications were easy to understand. I did not have much time to spend here, only two weeks, of course, it is not enough to make a big progress, but for sure, I will do my best to come back. I loved my teacher and my host family.
(Giuseppe Serra, Italy)

It was a pleasure for me to study at Moscow Linguistic Center. My teacher was really good and experienced. I would also like to thank my host family, I will remember it forever. People were nice to me and I did not feel like a stranger. I will be looking forward to come back here again one day.
(Nicolas Grosy, France)

I appreciated the high competence of Alla in explaining grammatical structures in a clear and professional manner.
She was also very good at making me talk - one of my greatest difficulties before. I have learned a lot in two weeks, but as always it would be better to have more time. Thanks to everybody here in the office and especially to my host lady for the warm welcome and hospitality. I enjoyed my time here!
(Luitgard Hammerer, Austria)

I had a great time at the Moscow Linguistic Center , even if my time was too short, two weeks only. As a student who had only "elementary" knowledge when I came, I learned a lot and I hope that I will impress my Russian teacher when I am back home taking one-to-one lessons was a wise decision, because I got all the attention wanted and I could bother my teacher with any question that came to my mind. The material used during the courses was very instructive and pleasant to work with. I shall continue to work with the same textbooks and I hope to be able to report one day the progress I have made. Thanks to the efforts of the Center my first visit to Moscow became a successful event.
(Julian Schutte, Holland)

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